We’re combining two of our favorite shirting brands for a quick SS19 lookbook, featuring 3sixteen’s Drop 2 and Corridor’s best offerings this season.

For 3sixteen, we’re once again bringing in a few of their non-standard styles. We all love crosscut flannels and stadium jackets, and they sure are great. But we wanted to mix it up a little to expand ours and your palette. We are certain you will be quite surprised once you get these pieces onto you, in regards to how well they work. The baseball shirt is a classic sports look, but coming in this brushed cotton flannel – super soft and light – you’ll quickly find that this is a fun shirt to wear around the house or out-and-about. The other two – the Fatigue Overshirt and the Vacation Shirt are also tops that we think may cause some hesitation at first, but take a gander below to see how well these can easily mesh with other offerings.

For Corridor, we wanted to highlight two of their short-sleeve shirts that are quite the opposite of each other. The Hot Fun Summertime shirt is certainly the attention grabber – one for the ages that is about as fun as you can get. Who doesn’t love watermelons, starfishes, and vintage Volkswagons riding on their shirt? On the other end is the vertical striped tee in the Blue Heavy Linen Stripe shirt. This is an especially smart-casual look that goes well with trousers or denim. We hope you’ll find that this lookbook accentuates these pieces and shows how each piece can readily fit into a denim outfit.

3sixteen’s Spring/Summer (SS19) Drop 2 lands on Withered Fig this Friday, 29 April promptly at Noon EST.