For our first lookbook, we took photographs at the James Madison Memorial Building in Washington, D.C. (and a nearby coffee shop) to provide some visuals for the 3sixteen FW17 collection. While there was no specific meaning behind selecting this location, we found that the rising marble colonnades and the cold marbling of the walls provided an interesting juxtaposition for us in attempting to showcase some of this season’s pieces. The articles we selected from this season’s collection were generally much more muted when compared to some of 3sixteen’s other FW17 offerings and that of previous seasons. It’s an aesthetic that we think works well for those of us in Northern Virginia – solids, darks, de-saturated colors, etc. The greater D.C. area is not exactly known for being on the forefront of fashion and style, so we wanted to start off with some of the more basic colors and prints that are much more palatable to the average wearer. However, as I think you will see, when these pieces are worn in context of an even more cold and empty background, the subtle details that really make each piece stand-out, begin to pop. This is the style that I (@doppki) personally ascribe to – simple pairings that own its own, may not seem like much, but when thoughtfully put together with other pieces, completes a look. By no means is there a correct style, or the right look, in fact the lookbook below simply visualizes one way that we decided to connect the various 3sixteen pieces together. Just as our own personal style continually evolves and changes as we change as individuals, so will we also look to push the envelope every now and then with different pieces that may be outside of what we typically carry. We hope you enjoy our first lookbook and how we chose to show this season’s 3sixteen pieces. The entire¬†3sixteen FW17 collection¬†is available now over on our webstore.

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