3sixteen’s Fall/Winter 2019 (FW19) Drop 2 brings back old favorites remixed with new fabrics and a brand new accessory to add to your wardrobe. It feels like much more than just four pieces due to how versatile these styles are.

The Crosscut Flannel returns in a Japanese cotton plaid fabric, brushed for a softness you’ll love. Take your pick between a Red/Cream or Blue/Cream coarse weave plaid – each with a slight hue leaning towards Magenta and Purple, respectively. Pre-rinsed to remove most of the shrinkage and to give it that soft hand. That said, keep an eye on the measurements as these shirts run a tad larger than previous seasons’ flannels.

Now onto the two Brown Buffalo Check pieces:

Brown Buffalo Check Fatigue Overshirt: We love overshirts. They can either accentuate the layer below or stand out on its own. In this case, the Brown Buffalo Check strikes a balance between low-key un-buttoned, and a stand-out piece buttoned-up. Take a look at some of the photos below as well as on our product page, and you can see how it works well either unbuttoned or buttoned-up. The boiled wool and cotton blend fabric provides warmth without the itchiness.

Brown Buffalo Check Snap Shawl: At first, you may think this is one of those pieces that you’ll either love or hate. I mean, it’s a shawl? But look, this Snap Shawl can be worn as a scarf; and whether you know it or not, a scarf is your friend that you never knew. The scarf is made of the same fabric as the Fatigue Overshirt, adorned with two custom pewter buttons to secure the two ends, and finished on the edges for a clean look. Wear it as a simple scarf draped down each side of your neck, piled high with a couple loops around your neck, or go bold and wear it as a true shawl. All good. Your pick.

3sixteen’s FW19 Drop 2 lands on Withered Fig this Friday, 20 September promptly at Noon EST.