We’re well into Spring/Summer, but we wanted to take a break from the daily grind to highlight some of the more unique pieces we’re carrying this season. From 3sixteen’s Brushed Plaid Baseball Shirt to Dehen 1920’s Coach’s Jacket, these pieces are perfect whether you’re in the field or on the sidelines, and just as good in the everyday activities of life. For those on the fence, we hope this little deep dive will get your gears turning for ideas on ways you can wear these pieces.

Dehen 1920 Waxed Cotton Crissman in Indigo: This is truly a fantastic piece to cap of the night. While it might not get much wear in the summer heat, for those in more temperate climates, this is a solid lightweight version ideal for the cooler nights of summer. It’s much lighter than the Wool Crissmans that we offer during the Fall/Winter season. While it’s considered a “waxed” cotton fabric, it’s not as “sticky” and “waxy” as the true Waxed Canvas Crissman in Loden. In fact, it’s quite dry to the touch and with a slight water repellent layer. These generally run the same size as all the other Crissmans, but if you are in-between sizes you can likely size down one from your True To Size (TTS), given the slightly lighter feel to it. However, if you’ve tried other Dehen 1920 Crissmans and like how they fit in your regular size, then stick to that.

Dehen 1920 Coach’s Club Jacket (Sideline Jacket): A bit more understated than the Crissman Shirt in that it’s got a pretty uniform, un-fussy, minimalist look to it; and the satin shell gives it a vintage twist. Although it’s somewhat inspired by the sports jacket, it doesn’t quite give off that sportswear look, which in our opinion makes this piece much more versatile. It’s lined with a black brushed twill for a soft interior, and comes in a modern fit – not too slim, but not too roomy. Stay TTS for the most part, unless you are once again in-between sizes, then you can possibly size down one.

3sixteen Brushed Plaid Baseball Shirt: These baseball shirts are the sleepers of the season. We get it; it’s different from what you’re used to wearing. Hopefully the looks below give you some confidence to rock these on the street and not feel like you are limited to the ballpark. This shirt is soft to the touch thanks to the brushed plaid fabric, and is supremely lightweight and airy even when buttoned up. We’re sure folks will warm up to the baseball shirt as the weather gets warmer. Stay TTS on these as you would on most 3sixteen tops.

Corridor Hot Fun Summertime Short-Sleeve Shirt: We all like some fun patterned shirts for summer, and this one tops the list. From afar, you can’t quite tell what it’s all about other than seeing one poppin’ shirt. It’s one colorful shirt, but keeps you nice and cool in its 100% Italian linen. While we generally find most Corridor shirting to run large (i.e. size down one from TTS), this short-sleeved shirt runs closer to TTS and we recommend going with your standard size.

A special thanks to Reed Rowe, who recently moved to the D.C. area, for helping us out with this Lookbook. It was if the stars aligned, as Reed needed someone to help model some dog accessories for another brand; and so we figured we could kill two birds (not literally) with one stone. So you’ll see a few photos of Hachi (the Shiba Inu) and some of Wolfgang Man & Beast’s American-made Dog Leashes. Check them out!

Photography: Reed Rowe | @reedrowehttp://www.reedrowe.com/
Dog Leashes: Wolfgang Man & Beast | @wolfgangmanandbeasthttps://wolfgangusa.com/