Viberg for Withered Fig Noontime Waterdown Petrolio Chamois RO Boondocker Boots

At last, we have arrived at the final Viberg for Withered Fig special make-up for this season. This would have been our most highly anticipated release for this Spring/Summer, but as (terrible) luck would have it, the make-up specs for our boot were leaked by the guy who cleans up the outsole trimmings after the Viberg factory closes, to Ben at Stitchdown and Neil at Standard & Strange. Those two scoundrels colluded to release a highly similar Viberg Petrolio Chamois Roughout Boondocker (PCROB) – the Midnight Gasfire – and used their outsized influence to receive their delivery a month before ours. The wind was pulled out of our sails (and sales!), the air leaked out of our whoopie cushion, and the butter in our croissants was replaced with margarine. Literally, an actual stick of the stuff made in the 80s.

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